About Drank

Hey! Thanks for visiting. I'm Ann Whitten Bourne, a wife and mom, teacher, photographer, design assistant and too many other jobs to list. I've sold beauty products, children's clothing, jewelry, art...basically I'm a hustler. During the crazy of the pandemic, I began kicking around this idea of finding my own product to sell. I searched and searched for products that first, I used myself and second, that could have a sense of humor. 

My kids play sports, and we never leave the house without at least a water bottle or two. We are also constantly loosing water bottles, and they were so expensive to keep replacing. So there, I settled on stainless steel water bottles and tumblers. And after brainstorming names with a friend, Drank was born. It's somewhere between Drink and Drunk. 

I did not invent the product. It is very similar to other stainless steel options out there. So what sets Drank apart? Like me, Drank does not take itself too seriously and will not judge. It doesn't think it's all that and has to cost a fortune. It's doesn't have hash marks on the side of it to shame you if you don't drink your water quota for the day. You can fill it up with a couple of hard seltzers and take it to your kid's soccer game, and it won't think twice about it. Fill it with whatever you want and DrankUP. Just be sure to Drank Responsibly. And don't forget to HyDrank. Can I buy you a Drank? Eat, Drank and be Merry. Okay I'll stop.

Ann Whitten

Owner, DrankLife, LLC.

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